Oh the places we went and the things that we saw!

There’s a big sprawling house just a short walk from the Splitpoint Lighthouse and once upon a time it held the lighthouse keepers and all their children. (Apparently there were twenty-one children! That’s an entire class living in one house. I wonder who had to do the dishes? Did someone hog the shower all the time and make everyone else mad? Was there even a shower? Perhaps they only had a bath once a week.) Now that house is privately owned and the lighthouse keepers’ children have all grown up and probably had children and grandchildren of their own. I wonder if there’s a lighthouse keeper anymore? I guess there must be someone who changes the lightbulbs! They certainly don’t need to light the lamps or flick the switch each night though.

Our lighthouse guide took us all the way to the top of the lighthouse where we shuffled oh so carefully out through that solid metal door so we could peer down at the world below. A salty wind tugged at our hats, the metal floor was angled so that when it rains it leaves no puddles but that made me feel like I was leaning over the little township of Aireys Inlet at a very precarious angle!

With weary legs and sweaty heads we trotted on down those many metal steps, out of the lighthouse and away down the hill to have some well-earned lunch before meeting Keiran, the Estuary Man.

Keiran had many interesting marine facts to share with us. We found out there used to be a volcano in the sea nearby and that sandstone gets whittled away by the ocean storms. We found out that the estuary is like a baby fish nursery and that sprats, you know those slippery silver fish with thin shiny bodies, are actually grown up fish and not babies at all.

There’s so much more information to share so check out the students’ blogs…