Homophones – homophones are words that sound the same but have different spelling.

Some examples are:

hear and here

ate and eight

pair and pear

meat and meet

mail and male

mind and mined

maid and made



Spelling and fun? Do those two actually go together I hear you say? Well, yes, they do! Spelling + creativity = fun 🙂

All we need are a few key ingredients…

First we take this week’s spelling words, which are focusing on the ‘o’ sound. We find it in words like song, wash, pocket and doctor. 

Then we take what we know about Haiku poems. Haiku poems can be written many different ways but for this week we will use the following pattern: First line with five syllables, second line with seven syllables and the third line with five syllables. 

Next we sprinkle in a couple of rules – you don’t need to use JUST spelling words but each line in your Haiku must have at least one spelling word in it. (Maybe you’ll manage two or even three!)

Let the FUN begin! Here’s my first Haiku written using some of the Unit 9 words:

A bottle of songs

And an orange octopus 

sat opposite me

Now I’m off to draw some pictures to go with my Haiku…

Don’t forget to post the wonderful Haiku poems you come up with, I’m looking forward to reading them.