Flying, building, walking and exploring

Those things in the title were just some of the things we got to do on camp. We flew on the flying fox, built sandcastles that’d make a king jealous and found out an amazing array of facts about the estuary and life in the ocean.

Let me start with the lighthouse. Did you know there’re 136 steps? We puffed our way up those winding metal steps, all the way to the top. Did you know that the light shines out the front of the lighthouse but not the back? The back of the top section of the lighthouse is black so the light doesn’t shine down on the people of Aireys Inlet. Apparently the light didn’t always shine in the correct directions though. Perhaps you could have a read of Alex’s blog and find out what happened once upon a time.

When it came time to explore the estuary I was certainly glad to be putting my hot feet in that lovely cool water! We paddled in with our nets and scooped up some interesting creatures (and very carefully put them back at the end). If you’d like to find out more about those creatures have a read of some of the students’ blogs.

Did you know that Mrs Elder can fly? I saw it for myself! There she was, strapped into the flying fox harness, bravely stepping to the edge of the platform while I stood below and then, suddenly, away she flew! I could imagine the wind in her face and the excitement she must’ve felt as she raced along that high wire, coming to a sudden stop when the flying fox hook reached the tyre at the end.

Come and have a look at our very exciting student blogs and find out more about the adventures of Camp Wilkin.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to camp we go…

Hi 4D,

Not long until we’re on that bus heading off to camp! Please remember:

You need to be at school on Tuesday morning by 7.30.

LEAVE your OVERNIGHT BAG outside the gym to be packed onto the bus. Do not bring it to the classroom.

BRING your day bag (your school bag/backpack) to the classroom.

Your backpack should have:

Your drink bottle

Your snack and brainfood

Your lunch in a labelled paper bag (NO LUNCH BOXES PLEASE)

Your beach shoes (crocs, etc.)

A small towel (not your main towel)

WHEN YOU GET INTO THE CLASSROOM sit down, relax, chat quietly with your friends.

AFTER I have done the roll I will ask you to put your lunches into the esky to keep them cool until we eat them later in the day. You will keep your snack and your drink bottle in your backpack.

We get on the bus at 7.45 and leave school at 8 am.

I’m looking forward to our trip, it should be lots of fun.

See you bright and early on Tuesday morning 🙂

From Mrs Walker





Kitchen Garden Greenthumbs

4D had their first gardening session on Friday and it was all hands on deck weeding, pruning the strawberry and raspberry plants and of course watering ready for our next hot spell. Keep an eye out for our individual blog posts coming up next week!

Big thanks to our mums who came along and helped, the Kitchen Garden program wouldn’t run without you.


Positive Start Reflections

After watching the Cyberbullying video from Hector’s World together as a class, write your responses to the following questions on Notes…

• How would Ming feel about the altered photo that made fun of her?

• How would Ming feel about that photo being sent to many other people?

• What could Hector and his friends do to help Ming?

• Why do you think Brooke and Bella sent the messages in the first place?

• Is it a good joke to play? Why not?

Hello 4D of 2017 :-)

Hi 4D,

Welcome to our class blog for 2017. Soon you will have your own blogs to share your work with our school community. Our class blog is often used to give you directions and links for our lessons.

Today there are a couple of things I would like you to do…

  1. Go to our school’s website and find the link for the latest newsletter. Read the newsletter.
  2. follow this link to Kathyn Apel’s website to find out more about the author we have been studying this week…

From Mrs W.

Earth Expo Day

Hi 4D,

I’m very disappointed not to be there with you today getting to see all your hard work and wonderful learning on display for the parents and other students. Mrs Stevens tells me that you’ve been working very hard (and that you even cleaned up the room in readiness for our visitors :-). I’m looking forward to seeing the finished posters and other displays on Thursday when I am back at work.

Good luck with your presentations, I’m sure you’ll all do a BRILLIANT job.

from Mrs Walker


Hi 4D,

You have several definitions to add to your Coding Handbook. Below are the ones we talked about in class. Please enter these into your coding handbook then see if you can find some pictures that illustrate these well.

programmer – a person who writes computer code and programs

algorithm – a set of steps that are followed IN ORDER to solve a problem

loop – a part of a computer program that repeats the same steps over and over again

Once these are entered into your Coding Handbook you may set your timer for 20 minutes and go back to the Hour of Code website (scroll down to the past blog post to find the link) and continue with the investigation.

When your timer goes off it’s blogging time. Write a blog about your coding learning. You might like to use these sentence beginnings… (or you can make up some of your own).

Today I experienced…

I learned that…

Four coding words and definitions I have learned are: