Week 5 rolls on by

Week 5 already! Congratulations Mitchell and Mia for being our Students of the Week last week and congratulations to this week’s Students of the Week; Nathan and Ruby.
As usual we’ve been pretty busy in Prep B. We went to the computer lab today to catch up with our Grade 4 buddies. This week’s letters are ‘w’ and ‘t’ so this morning we practiced writing some ‘w’ words using ‘have a go’ writing. We checked out the Queen’s rule that every syllable (or clap) must have a vowel and looked for vowels in names and in the ‘w’ words we wrote. In maths the children have been investigating number 8. Ask your child if 8 is an odd or even number and ask them about the dancing teddies test.

Just a reminder that most Monday mornings (next week it will be Tuesday morning due to the long weekend) the children talk then write about their weekend. Please help your child remember some of the things they’ve done by chatting with them over breakfast or on your way to school.

This Thursday Anne from Western Water is coming out to school to talk about the water cycle. She runs a fantastic hands on lesson that gets all of the kids involved. Mrs. Walker will try to upload some photos of the preps all dressed up as raindrops and glowing yellow suns. Then of course we have the teddy bears’ picnic on Friday afternoon so get those teddies out and get them ready for a visit to school.


At last, a blog from Prep B!  Already we’re into Week 3 and everyone has settled in beautifully. The Grade Six Buddies have been brilliant, coming and checking on their prep buddy in the playground then assisting them with special activities in the classroom.

We’ve been learning about Alphabet Town and have especially focussed on letters s, m and f. See if you’re child remembers what those letters live in, in Alphabet Town. The idea of Alphabet Town is to give the children a visual link for the letter sound, so ‘a’ lives in an apple, ‘b’ lives in a ball, and so on. The children have also been off to specialist lessons, drawing pictures in art, singing songs in music and playing games in P.E. We’ve been doing heaps of counting; stamp counting, clap counting, fairy clap counting, bead counting – so much counting that we’re already practically experts!

Congratulations to Edward and Codi, who were our Students of the Week last week and to Zac and Sabine, who are the Students of the Week this week.  Also thanks to Grade 4C who have been helping us in the computer lab (sorry you’re all sideways in one of the photos, Mrs. W still has her learner plates on with blogs…). The preps were each assigned a Grade 4 helper, who guided them through the steps to type their name in word art and import a picture.

Term Three

We gardened, we read, we talked about our favourite books then we wrote our own books. We invited the parents in and had a book launch – we were soooo busy we had to take two weeks off just to recover! But now we’re back ready for Term 4. This term we’re talking about Parks and Gardens. We’ve already been out and chosen our favourite school yard tree and made a graph. There’ll be lots of garden and tree related activities and of course, there’ll be more stories.

Hilarious hats

Last Thursday we had a very successful fundraising day; raising money to support one of our older students to travel interstate to represent Victoria in a rugby match.  The children wore casual clothes and some hilarious hats.  We’re not sure how much money we raised yet – Mrs. Wood was still counting all those coins!

This week we’ll be looking at shortlisted books for Book Week. We’ll be looking at the things we love about the books, finding which ones have rhyme and rhythm, and listing the things we think make these particular stories great. These wonderful books will then be inspiration for the children’s own publications, which they are working hard on each day. In Maths the children will continue working on subtraction and showing and telling ‘half past’ on the analogue clock. Maybe there are some half past times they could identify at home!  They’ll also be talking about money, what the coins look like, what numbers they have on them and so on. It’ll be another busy week!

Congratulations to last week’s students of the week ; James and April.  Well done both of you.

Fun Friends update

All of the prep children have been taking part in the Fun Friends program. Our focus has been on identifying feelings; firstly in ourselves and then in others. The children have talked with each other about how to identify feelings in others through watching behaviours (smiling, crying, etc.) and then they’ve discussed things they could do to help a person who might be feeling angry, sad or worried. The next lesson will look at what the children can do to help themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed by a particular emotion.  Some key goals of the lesson are to have the children learn the transient nature of emotion and to have on hand a set of behaviours or thinking skills tthat hey can use to help while they are experiencing particular emotions.

Besides Fun Friends the children are getting ready for our upcoming Dr. Seuss activities. Some children have brought Dr. Seuss books along from home.  These activities will begin next week.

The children have been working hard on their stories and parents can look forward to a special Book Launch later on in the term when our works in progress are ready to share. So far we’ve talked about settings, characters, problems, solutions and we’ve brainstormed a range of story beginnings to get the children inspired. We’ve also been doing a lot of oral storytelling, which has got the creative juices flowing!

Welcome back

It’s amazing how quickly everyone has settled back in. By quarter past nine Monday morning we’d finished Brain Gym and were sitting in small groups talking about the holidays. This was a great lesson in listening as well as speaking; the children learnt different ways to respond to others, to ask questions and show interest. After a good chat the children headed off to their tables to write.  We started by making a list on the whiteboard – and well done to Connor who quickly worked out how we should spell ‘circus’ by thinking about the spelling rules he’d learnt. After making an extensive list of holiday outings and experiences we got stuck into some wonderful detailed writing.

A few reminders about things coming up this term: we’re having a ‘School Pride Day’ on Friday the 30th of July. ‘School Pride Day’ involves all the children outside working to make our school look great.  We GREATLY value parent help for this – we have many enthusiastic helpers but need some directors so that energy is used well! There’ll be more details about this soon.

The term planner will be coming home this week. Our theme this term is called ‘Let’s Look at a Book’. We’ll be talking about lots of books and authors including Mem Fox, Dr Seuss and Pamela Allen.  The children will also make their own book and you’ll be invited to the book launch towards the end of the term. We’ve also got the Fun Friends Program starting soon, this is an excellent program which works in conjunction with the ‘You Can Do It!’ program. Lots of good fun coming up.

Incursions and birthdays

Well the term has raced and we only have a week to go till the school holidays! And what a busy term it’s been. This week we had some performers visit our school; Big Al, Pancake and Leonie came and taught us some dances and some Aboriginal symbols to use in our art work. Big Al told some fantastic stories about the Dreamtime. Photos will be posted as soon as the camera and the laptop learn to work together on the matter!

We’ve had birthdays galore – Emily, Rowan, Alison and Connor have all turned six and Billie’s got a birthday coming up in the holidays.  We’ve been getting ready for our storytelling theme next term by telling lots of stories together in the class. We’ve had sharks trying to eat mermaids and homeless fairies looking for somewhere to live. Quite a few of the children have reached their 100 nights of reading milestone (well done Sarah Jane, Codi, Mikayla, Landon, Connor and Sam) and there are more certificates to be handed out at assembly next week to Holly, James, Jamie, Billie, April and Ella. Lots of great reading!

A trip to the zoo

The preps had a very successful trip to the Melbourne Zoo. We travelled down by bus and met with Andrew, one of the zoo keepers, who took us behind the scenes where we met a snake, a grumpy turtle and a friendly tree frog. The theme of the day was ‘Feathers, Fur, Skin and Scales’ and the children learned about the different coverings and what these particular coverings do for the animals. After an interesting session with Andrew we set off around the zoo to pay attention to the different coverings on the various animals. We also checked out the new seal enclosure and saw the zoo keepers feed and talk about the seals. It was a fun day and it must be noted that the bus trip home was much quieter than the one down! There were even a few snores to be heard.

Since the zoo trip we’ve spent a lot of time in the classroom talking and reading about animals. We’ve even written a story about a singing fairy who lived in the tiger cage – at least, she lived there until the tiger got fed up with the singing and she had to find a new home. Come into the class to have a look at the book and find out where Curly the fairy goes to live.

The Fun Run and other things…

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. We’ve had Mrs. Gauci helping in the classroom – she’s read stories and helped out with lots of activities. On Friday we had to wave goodbye as she headed back to uni, but we’re hoping to see her again. On Friday we had the school fun run – it was a great chance to get out there on the oval and have a bit of exercise (and the occasional rest :). Besides those special sorts of activities, we’ve been working hard in the classroom. This term we’re talking about animals and we’re planning an excursion to the zoo very soon. To get ready for our trip we’ve learned about the different coverings animals have, the sorts of things they need in their enclosures and the different ways we can classify animal