Tuesday’s Inquiry Reading

Hi 4D,

For our inquiry reading this week we’re finding out about the effect the Earth’s movement has on the way we live our lives.

Read through the article below…


Now, RE-READ the article and have a think about different hobbies and activities we do in different seasons, and at different times of the day.

There’s lots of new vocabulary to learn as well. Write down some of the new words and click on the links in the article to find out what those words mean.

The Earth’s tilt

Good morning 4D, for reading this morning we are investigating the Earth’s tilt and the effect it has on us.


Our learning intention is:  We will show our understanding of what we have read by summarising the key ideas.

Our success criteria is to use a mind map to show those key ideas.

The title for your mind map is:

How does the Earth’s movement and tilt affect sunlight angles and hours?


Now, here are the links. Read the Ducksters one first please.