Inquiry reading for Week 4

Hi 4D,

Last week we talked about rules and laws and the three levels of government (remember those superheroes on BTN?). This week we’re looking at local government and particularly, the Macedon Ranges Council. We’re asking questions like…

What is a local council?

How many councils are there in Victoria?

Who is our local council and what are they responsible for?

To do this we’re going to begin by looking at a few maps so we can start to visualise where we are and where our council is. Have a look at this map first…

Can you find our shire?

Now look at this map…

This is the map of the Macedon Ranges Shire. You’ll see that it’s divided into wards. Which ward are you in? Which ward is our school in?

Use the key at the bottom to work out what things are.

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