Script planner

As you work through your script you need to be planning how it is going to be presented. Are you going to BE the explorer or are you going to TELL your audience about your explorer.

Once you’ve decided this it’s time to organise your information.  Use these pointers to get you started:

  • Who is your explorer/navigator? What is their name, date of birth and the dates of their explorations?
  • What journeys of exploration did they navigate? Show their journeys on a map and write down what you will say to your audience about where they went. Remember to name the oceans and the continents they went to.
  • Do some research to see if you can find the names of their ships. If you can’t find the names, see if you can find out the types of ships that were used in that time by people from that country.
  • What navigational tools might they have used? Look on the Mariners Museum website to find out.
  • What impact did your explorer’s journeys have on the world? What places were discovered? What people were affected? Were any killed? Were any places named after your explorer?

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