Kitchen Garden Greenthumbs

4D had their first gardening session on Friday and it was all hands on deck weeding, pruning the strawberry and raspberry plants and of course watering ready for our next hot spell. Keep an eye out for our individual blog posts coming up next week!

Big thanks to our mums who came along and helped, the Kitchen Garden program wouldn’t run without you.


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Garden Greenthumbs

  1. Dear Mrs Walker,

    I really enjoyed watering the garden and watching it grow also I liked taking photos of the garden and looking at the bugs and insects and it was really fun and I hope it will be fresh and grown next time we look.

    From James

  2. Dear mrs walker

    It was fun pruning the raspberries and watering the strawberries with Finn and Waylon and my mum said the smoothie that we had was swag and boss.

    From Matt

  3. Dear Mrs Walker
    I had a lot of fun doing gardening for our first time I had a lot f fun.

    But at the same time it was hard work everyone did really well even if they had a boring job. Everyone contributed and included everyone else

    I really liked the smoothie others had different opinions about the smoothie (they’re out of their minds)

    From Jake

  4. Dear miss walker
    Kitchen garden was fun . I liked spreading the mulch in the garden I hated the food did like it (if tried it)
    From waylon

  5. Dear mrs walker
    It was really fun I had never been gardening before so it was a great experience there was some really small and amazing details in the garden I got to work with Matt and Waylon we all had a great time

    From Finn

  6. Dear Mrs Walker,
    Kitchen garden was so fun thank you for your help in the garden.
    The kitchen garden was a mess and now that you and the class were there it is much
    From Alex

  7. Dear Mrs Walker,

    I really liked gardening. It was fun how we did different activity. I also liked helping those few worms that were on the ground because I know they will help the garden grow and be healthy.
    Doing the mulch was my favourite part.
    What was yours?


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