Tuesday’s Inquiry Reading

Hi 4D,

For our inquiry reading this week we’re finding out about the effect the Earth’s movement has on the way we live our lives.

Read through the article below…


Now, RE-READ the article and have a think about different hobbies and activities we do in different seasons, and at different times of the day.

There’s lots of new vocabulary to learn as well. Write down some of the new words and click on the links in the article to find out what those words mean.

The Earth’s tilt

Good morning 4D, for reading this morning we are investigating the Earth’s tilt and the effect it has on us.


Our learning intention is:  We will show our understanding of what we have read by summarising the key ideas.

Our success criteria is to use a mind map to show those key ideas.

The title for your mind map is:

How does the Earth’s movement and tilt affect sunlight angles and hours?


Now, here are the links. Read the Ducksters one first please.






Footy Jumper

You need to design a new footy jumper for your team.

There are 100 squares on your footy jumper. There are some rules about this design though.

  1. You need to explain why you have chosen the colours for your design.
  2. 1/4 (one-quarter) is to be red because red makes the player run faster
  3. 20% is to be a colour from a Richmond jumper
  4. 1/8 (one-eighth) is to be a colour of your choice.
  5. 12.5 % is to be a colour not yet used for a team
  6. 3/10 (three-tenths) is to be a primary colour not used so far.

When you are done put a photo of your finished jumper design on your blog.

Fraction fun

Here’s some more work on equivalent fractions. Remember equivalence means the amount of the whole is the same but the number of parts the whole is cut into can be different. It’ll make more sense when you see it…

Have a look at this link…


Take the bar along to the halfway point, halfway between zero and one. Now write down all the equivalent fractions on the fraction wall for half.

Now take the bar along to the one-third point (1/3). Write down all the equivalent fractions for one-third.

Now take the bar along to the three-quarter point (3/4) and write down all the equivalent fractions for one-quarter.


Tuesday’s writing

Our learning intention for our writing is that we will be able to create a persuasive text.

To inspire you to think about how to convince others that something you find important should be important to them as well, have a look at this BTN clip…


For your writing you’re going to choose from the list of topics you made yesterday to plan a persuasive piece of your own.


Inquiry reading for Week 4

Hi 4D,

Last week we talked about rules and laws and the three levels of government (remember those superheroes on BTN?). This week we’re looking at local government and particularly, the Macedon Ranges Council. We’re asking questions like…

What is a local council?

How many councils are there in Victoria?

Who is our local council and what are they responsible for?

To do this we’re going to begin by looking at a few maps so we can start to visualise where we are and where our council is. Have a look at this map first…


Can you find our shire?

Now look at this map…


This is the map of the Macedon Ranges Shire. You’ll see that it’s divided into wards. Which ward are you in? Which ward is our school in?

Use the key at the bottom to work out what things are.